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Dancing Chihuahua

Brand Development

Our team has the experience and expertise to create captivating brand experiences. We help brands across sustainability, wellness, and tech connect to new audiences.

We help you define your brand... Whether you’re preparing to launch or leaning toward an identity overhaul, we’ll develop the strategy, craft the design, and collaborate with you to shape a nuanced and compelling narrative.

Branding is more than a company name or logo. It is the grasp or understanding the public has of your product or organization. At Dancing Chihuahua we help you rise above the fold and reach the right people.

Our first steps are always the same: research, discovery and collaboration. We’ll establish your visual identity and develop an actionable marketing strategy that distinguishes your brand from its competitors and connects to the people who matter the most.

Visual Identity

How your brand visually exists in the world is an essential component of your marketing strategy. Through a process of research and discovery, we'll develop the font, color schemes, design and photography that represent your company.

Marketing Collateral

Branding is more than a logo or visual aesthetic. Its emotional and experiential components also play a central role. At Dancing Chihuahua, we produce media that truly reflects your brand and inspires connection in your target audience.

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Messaging is a collaborative process and we're willing to start when necessary from the very beginning. Together, we can unpack the essence and purpose of your brand. We can map out the steps the company is taking toward brand vision, and we can help you articulate its values. Ultimately, we will develop messaging that aligns with the value systems of your brand and connects with its intended audience.

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