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Dancing Chihuahua

Marketing Strategy


Content Development & Production

Content builds trust and helps brands develop relationships with their audience. Through careful and considered planning, we help our clients develop the content strategies that cultivate awareness around their projects and initiatives.


Social Media Strategy & Implementation

Social media is a driving force in brand marketing. Working in close collaboration with out clients, we help them craft unique social media campaigns that increase engagement and encourage conversations about their brands or services.


E-commerce Strategy

We partner with e-commerce companies to help them launch and grow their brands. Our solutions are data-driven and designed to increase page visibility and drive sales.


Engagement Design

We collaborate with clients to develop meaningful engagement strategies for their brand. Together, we map out the best course of action for how a brand is first encountered by its audience, how engagement occurs and how it is sustained long-term.

At Dancing Chihuahua, we get excited about forming meaningful connections between people and mission-driven companies. We also champion innovations that move the environmental needle forward.

Our approach is collaborative and starts with a deep dive into your business goals and objectives. We develop roadmaps for launching new products or initiatives, scaling services, cultivating communities, and raising awareness around a cause.

For e-commerce, we can help you clarify your brand positioning, fine tune customer experiences across all major touch points, and ultimately develop the systems that will bring more customers your way.

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